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About the Foundation

The Social Development Foundation was established in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the sole purpose of providing support for anti-poverty initiatives. The mission of the Social Development Foundation is to generate awareness, identify resources, and secure support to advance the efforts of the Social Development Commission.

Poverty in our community has reached an alarmingly high rate. Milwaukee is in the top five in the United States for people living in poverty. It is nearly impossible for someone to move beyond poverty without the help of another. That is why the Social Development Foundation exists.

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What We Do

To accomplish our mission, we must be responsive to the needs of Milwaukee County residents who need services to move beyond poverty. From education services and job training to providing financial and senior-focused resources, we help our communities by providing pathways to success. We support the following program areas:

  •  Business services
  • Job readiness and career enhancement skills
  • Adult education
  • Asset building strategies consisting of free tax assistance, financial education, home buying coaching
  • Residential services and keeping people in their homes safely
  • Generate awareness of poverty issues through the Summit on Poverty
  • Outreach services for older adults
  • Free nutritious meals to children experiencing hunger insecurity

As a nonprofit 501 (c)(3), we appeal to individuals and the private sector for funding, and apply for grants to support programs. With the support of the community, we can continue to brighten the futures of thousands of low-income individuals and families.

The Social Development Foundation Impact

SD Foundation Impact: Meet Fidel Garcia

Fidel Garcia's Journey to a Higher Paying Career "My current job was not leading anywhere. I needed change and I didn't know where to go." That's when Fidel Garcia decided to sign up for our construction training program supported by The Social Development...

SD Foundation Impact: Meet Devon Evans

Your Support Helped Devon Evans Win Big Devon Evans joined a culinary arts training program sponsored by the Social Development Foundation. He had been operating a food truck and was interested in earning his ServSafe certification, a food and beverage safety training...

SD Foundation Impact: Meet DeAndre Patterson

DeAndre Patterson's Journey to Success in Construction Training The journey to success is never easy. But that’s what makes the final story so empowering.  Like many people, DeAndre Patterson had obstacles on his journey to success. DeAndre attended a 10-week...

SD Foundation Impact: Meet Nileita and Precious

Precious loves her car rides. The longer the better. Like most dogs, Precious is happiest when the wind blows through her hair and the hot sun warms her little body. As she sits with ears up and her beady eyes wide open, she doesn’t seem to realize that these car...

SD Foundation Impact: Meet Davin Jenkins

Davin Jenkins almost lost his life after a really bad car accident. After being unable to work due to his injuries, Davin enrolled in an education program to receive his high school diploma. After completing the program, he also signed up for a construction training...

SD Foundation Impact: Meet Iliana Thompson

Providing Hope “I feel like I’m successful with more things. I’m more happy. I see things in a good way, not a bad way. I went from I can’t to I can.” – Iliana Thompson Researchers connect a higher rate of suicide with poverty. Stressors often include an inability to...

We are deeply committed to our mission and vision, because we have witnessed firsthand what the support we are able to provide results in. Year after year, we see success stories that drive us forward to help others achieve success. Take a look at these success stories of people who were impacted by your donations to the Social Development Foundation.