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Window of Opportunity

Once in a while we come across an opportunity that positively impacts our community for generations. The SD Foundation’s “Windows of Opportunity” campaign is that opportunity. This wonderful project improves the urban landscape in the historic Lindsay Heights neighborhood while helping the Social Development Commission lift Milwaukee County families out of poverty. Our request to you is incredibly important. We’d be honored if you become a partner in the “Windows of Opportunity” campaign by offering a gift. Making visual improvements by installing windows in our building located on North Avenue will transform the neighborhood into a place where low-income families and individuals feel welcome. This revitalization will give families access to resources and services that help them thrive. The gift you offer in response to this request will be acknowledged in our annual publication and inscribed in a donor appreciation plaque. We would love the opportunity to show you the impact your gift will make by visiting our site. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Board of Directors

Social Development Foundation

Benefits of Purchasing a Window:

• Improves aesthetics of the neighborhood

• Makes a difference in the lives of SDC’s customers

• Positively impacts the perception of the neighborhood

• Creates a welcoming environment

• Increases our capacity to fill the gaps in program services

Your contribution of $25,000 purchases a Window of Opportunity.
Gifts of any size are welcome.

Social Development Foundation

Our Mission
The mission of the Social Development Foundation is to generate awareness, identify resources,
and secure support to advance 
the efforts of the Social Development Commission.

Our Vision
The Foundation’s vision is to enhance services and broaden awareness of SDC’s mission in the community:
Empowering Milwaukee County 
residents with the resources to move beyond poverty.

Social Development Commission – Service Areas
Career Enhancement and Employment • Education Services • Financial Literacy
Health Wellness and Supportive Services
Residential Services • Individual and Family Strengthening • Nutrition Services

“My experience through the Social Development Commission was what I needed to stay on the right path. I learned new ways to communicate effectively. My new leadership skills will help the people around me and I thank you again for giving me a chance.”

To Make Your Contribution, Please Contact:
LaToya Jones, SD Foundation Manager