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What We Do

Poverty in our community has reached an alarmingly high rate. Milwaukee is in the top five in the United States for people living in poverty. It is nearly impossible for someone to move beyond poverty without the help of another. That is why the Social Development Foundation exists.

The Foundation is committed to supporting the efforts of the Social Development Commission (SDC), an agency that is devoted to providing services and programs that help move people beyond poverty. Our support provides vital funding to help low-income residents in Milwaukee County be able to obtain their GED or HSED (education degree equivalents), job training for sustainable wage jobs, résumé writing and interviewing skills, financial education and home visits for seniors from other seniors.

We are deeply committed to our mission and vision, because we have witnessed firsthand what the support we are able to provide results in. Year after year, we see success stories that drive us forward to help others achieve success.

The SD Foundation approaches its support efforts in three ways – generating awareness of SDC’s programs; identifying resources; and securing support. What does this mean?

Our diverse board is committed to reaching a cross section of audiences to grow awareness of both the escalating poverty crisis and the programs offered by SDC that improves lives. We are passionate about sharing our mission and building fruitful relationships that, in turn, provide direly needed resources to people living in poverty.

Poverty is a serious issue, but we believe it’s okay to have fun, and our FUNdraisers do just that. We host two memorable annual eventsStrike Out Poverty, our bowling event, and Celebrity Chef, a culinary event. Both are wonderful ways to support the foundation and have a fabulous time with family, friends and/or coworkers. As a nonprofit 501 (c)(3), we appeal to individuals and the private sector for funding, and apply for grants to support SDC’s programs.

Our support of SDC helps provide pathways out of poverty to success. With the support of the community we can continue to brighten the futures of thousands of low-income individuals and families.