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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never been on a board before. What can I expect?

A: As an SD Foundation Board Member we ask you to move forward the goals of the foundation. The foundation in turn promises to educate you in becoming a community leader and advocate. When you have completed your term on the Board, we hope to have provided you with the tools to address and respond to community needs with positive solutions.

Q:  What are the time requirements to participate?

A:   The total formal time commitment to the foundations is approximately 40 hours per year. 

  • Board Meetings:  The board meets on a monthly basis. Each meetings last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Committee meetings: Committees meet monthly for approximately 1 hour. Specific committees may meet more frequently, while others will meet less. Each board member is required to serve on at least one committee.
  • Annual board meeting and planning: One per year in the summer/early fall, approximate 6 hours.
  • Special Events and Fundraisers: We ask each board member to attend a minimum of four special events, or fundraisers, throughout the year. 

        Board members are encouraged to devote additional time as their schedule allows.

Q:  What do you mean by “Use your personal and professional associations to connect volunteers, resources and people to the foundation”?

A:  We all are associated with different social and professional networks.  As a board member we ask you to consider sharing those resources with the foundation. 

  • Possible ways to connect volunteers with the foundation include:
    • Finding Volunteer Income Tax Preparers
    • Finding Seniors to participate in the Senior Companion Program
    • Finding groups to participate in “Done in a Day” volunteer projects, including:
      • Labeling Newsletters
      • Making solicitation phone calls
      • Providing help at special events or fundraisers
    • Finding individuals to lend their talents pro bono
      • Graphic designer to make an event invitation
      • Photographers for events
  • Possible ways to connect resources to the foundation include:
    • Providing a list of names of friends and contacts to solicit for an end of the year appeal
    • Soliciting sponsorships for special events
    • Soliciting companies to use GoodSearch as their web browser
    • Soliciting items for Silent Auctions
    • Soliciting in-kind donations to offset SD Foundation costs
    • Running in-kind donation drives (hygiene items, books, toys, gifts, etc.) for SDC’s customers
    • Sharing the United Way designation information with your friends and colleagues
  • Possible ways to connect people to the foundation include:
    • Inviting individuals to attend non-fundraising events (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) kick-off and volunteer appreciation, GED/HSED Graduation, Super Senior Friday)
    • Inviting individuals to attend special events with you
    • Inviting individuals to tour the SDC program sites
    • Distributing the newsletter through your social network
    • Hosting a reception at your home to share the foundation’s story

Please note, that we do not expect each board member to do all of these; however, we ask each to do what you can in each category. 

Q: I am not wealthy, what kind of personal gift do you require?

A:  We ask that each board member make a yearly financial contribution to the foundation that is significant for them. The gift you give is personal, and is respected and appreciated.

You can download and complete the Volunteer Interest Form for consideration as a member of the SD Foundation Board of Directors.

Board Interest Form